Pinto Art Museum: A Must Do For Couples


Ever since the Pinto Art Museum opened its door as an art sanctuary in 2000, it eventually became one of the “must-go-to” places for couples. With more than 300 artwork located throughout the sprawling compound, Pinto easily attracts those who want to explore and discover the different possibilities of what one can do inside.

Located at Grand Heights in the city of Antipolo at Rizal province, the Pinto Art Museum sprouted from neurologist Dr. Joven Cuanang’s fascination with the Filipino art. He purchased the property of where the Pinto is now, and he initially used it to house a gallery of his personal collections. Through the help of the non-profit organization Silangan Foundation for Arts, Culture, and Ecology, the property evolved to be the art haven that we know it as today.

What’s On The Inside

20160522_130548Walking inside the Pinto, (which means “door” in Filipino), couples are free to explore the area to discover the different Filipino art displays that are available for viewing. For the time being, there are six different galleries where couples can appreciate and, for some, interact with the artwork.

Each gallery is designed uniquely, and they provide a refuge of various art themes. Because of that, couples may find themselves going through rooms, corridors, garden paths, stairs, pools, and more. In the galleries, they can check out paintings, ceramics, metal work, wood carvings, sculptures, statues, and whatever else Filipino artists’ imagination lead them to create.

Tired feet may take a load off by sitting on the benches and other pieces of furniture inside and outside the galleries. Couples could also lay on their backs on the beds that are scattered throughout the outside garden. Though it is tempting to use the beds for naughty purposes, it is a good reminder that the Pinto Art Museum administration reserves the right to remove anyone due to unruly reasons.

What Are There to Do

Besides the main activities of exploring the compound and admiring the art pieces, there are other ventures to engage in inside the Pinto Art Museum. Couples may try out the following:

Eat Up – Since outside food is not allowed, hungry couples with rumbly tummies need to resort to received_10208143266112461trying out any of the two restaurants inside the premises. They serve pizzas, sliders, salads, slushies, and other treats. Going about the galleries and walking up and down the stairs would eventually stir the appetite or thirst of any visitors.

Go for Photoshoots or Prenup Pictorials – Those who are about to tie the knot or simply want to do some professional modeling only need to contact the Pinto Art Museum management to be able to do so. Thanks to the amazing architecture and Antipolo’s lush vegetation, capturing the right image is not hard to get. 
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Throw a Party – Sociable couples who like to host events can reserve a spot in the Pinto Art Museum for their own private celebrations. The art sanctuary also accepts bookings for private functions and wedding receptions.

Goof Around – Laughter is one of the key elements that brings couples even closer. There are art displays that one could not help have fun with. As long as they are within good taste and does not damage anything, have fun and give it a go.

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received_10208146291908104Sneak in the Kisses – With all the rooms and blind corners in the Pinto Museum, a quick smooch is not hard to do. Because of the romantic ambiance and activities, affectionate couples could not help it and top off the whole Pinto experience with a non-scandalous kiss, especially when no one is looking.

The Pinto Art Museum’s allure attracts couples of all types, from the just starting out to the married ones. It is a great venue to start conversations, laugh, learn more about each other, or, for some, reignite the love that’s been weathered down over the years. Whatever is the case, Pinto opens the doors of possibilities for couples.


Additional Information:

The Pinto Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights Rd, Antipolo, Rizal.  Couples can reach the art museum by car or commuting.  It is open from Tuesday until Sunday with a 9am to 6pm schedule. The published rates for now are:

  • Php 180 for regular tickets
  • Php 150 for Seniors and PWD (must present ID)
  • Php 100 for children and students (don’t forget the ID)
  • Children who are three years old and under get free admissions

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