3 Techniques To Go Try To Be Successful With Your New Year Resolutions

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Within just a few days after the New Year, many of those brimming with confidence that their 2017 resolutions will stick this year are already giving up. Mostly, the fear of their efforts not bearing fruit causes them to throw in the towel so early in the month. If ever there is a year to tirelessly keep on swinging, it is in 2017 when you’ll get that winning knockout.

Whether you are a believer of horoscopes or not, hard work will go a long way. If you do, 2017 is the year of the Rooster, in which offers success to those who put on the extra elbow grease, according to experts. As many would say, being successful starts by conquering the mind, and that is where many start to raise their white flags.

Being strong-willed can help beat down one’s own personal demons; however, if the onslaught of negative thoughts is too much, you’re fighting form is only as good as your stamina. For long battles, let’s say ones that last for 365 days or more, using the right technique increases the chance of coming out victorious.

Admittedly there is no single methodology that will ensure success in 2017, though incorporating different strategies that worked for others might. Much like Bruce Lee’s principle in his martial arts Jeet Kune Do, to find your own right way to win fights, you must collect and come up with techniques that are effective. Below is a list of techniques that worked for others.

Breathe, Exercise, and Cold Showers

Dutchman Wim Hof, also referred to as the Iceman, developed a methodology that got him to break and set Guinness World Records such as running marathons in freezing weather or being submerged in an ice bath for more than an hour. Though your goal this year might not be the same, there is still plenty to gain from following the Wim Hof method.

In a nutshell, the Iceman’s method consist of drawing in plenty of oxygen into one’s body by hyperventilating and then performing a series of exercise and stretches. After all that, you take a cold shower. Even if all that might not sound appealing, your effort of doing so will be greatly rewarded.

Per scientific studies, those who practice the Wim Hof method are healthier in mind and body. Anxiety and negative thoughts, aka personal demons, are driven away, and the immune system is significantly boosted. Check out the video below to learn more:

If your resolution for 2017 is to have better health or improve your athletic performance, the Wim Hof method is one of the best ways to achieve that. Even if it’s not your aim for this year, it doesn’t hurt to breathe in a little more.

Use Affirmations

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Jim Carrey, Will Smith, and Oprah Winfrey believe that words, or more accurately, affirmations, have the power to reach and maintain their statuses as successful celebrities. With their current fame and wealth, it is not hard to see that they are onto something worthwhile.

By repeating and, most importantly, believing in carefully crafted sentences, you program your mind the way you want to think, and in a way, attract the outcome that you want to happen.  Especially when used correctly, they can hush and replace negative thoughts. When gloom clouds are creeping in, say your affirmations and repeat as needed to keep yourself on track of your resolutions.

To make affirmations more effective, build one that is significant or has value to you so that it is more credible to you. It is best to be in present tense form, rather than future tense (e.g. “I am awesome,” instead of “I will be awesome”).  Repeat the sentence over and over again throughout the day, or as long as needed.

Ditch Emotions or Use Them To Your Advantage

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Not everyone can use their emotions to their advantages, and in some cases, their feelings can be a hindrance to them. This is because they allow such emotions like fear, anger, and the likes to cloud their judgment and deter them from their goals. For those who are like that, disregarding emotions and becoming more objective is one the ideal way to go at it.

However, emotions can also be useful, if they are under one’s command. Taming the bad emotions is not an easy feat, and self-control is the whip that puts them in their place. To use your emotions to your advantage, your effort should be concentrated on forgiving yourself, staying positive, and keeping your eyes on the goal.

The year 2017 offers the chance for efforts to be rewarded accordingly. With the right set of techniques that works best for you, your resolutions are bound to stick and come out successfully. By using techniques with your determination could mean the difference between coming out as a champion or your face down on the matt.


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