3 Ways to Make Your Dreams Happen Now

"Dream" by Alberto Cruz is licensed under Public Domain
“Dream” by Alberto Cruz is licensed under Public Domain

Taking the first step to anything worth doing is always the hardest, but not entirely impossible. Hurdles like self-doubt and fear are usually the culprit in keeping anyone from advancing from square one. Both successful and stuck individuals face the same predicaments, though what set them apart is that one of them chose to let go of what weighs them down.

In several cases, it is our doing that keeps us from becoming more that we can be. Our own archenemies live and thrive within ourselves, and when given the chance, they will elude us from our dreams, goals, and aspiration. They are powerful and controlling, but they are far from being bulletproof. Even if there might be no way to get rid of them for good, there are certainly ways to stifle them.

Don’t Think Too Much

"Thinking on Bench, Autumn" by Chris Clogg is licensed under Public Domain
“Thinking on Bench, Autumn” by Chris Clogg is licensed under Public Domain

Overthinking is the foot at the door that allows his buddies—worries, fear, doubt—sneak in, crash the party, and leave the place in a mess for us to clean up. To keep that from happening, the trick is to “thin-slice.”

Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, thin-slicing, in a nutshell, is basically saying that we already know what within a span of less than five minutes, or even as short as a batter of our eyelashes. With that said, we need to trust our initial thoughts for they know what we wanted all along. The thin-slicing is an effective methodology giving overthinking the boot and making quicker judgments.

Be Forgiving to Errors

"Forgive Yourself" by Miguel is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Forgive Yourself” by Miguel is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Sometimes our fear of making mistakes grip us so hard that we couldn’t budge, and it leaves us standing at the starting line. We end up stuck, or, even worse, give up entirely on our dreams. To overcome this, we need to learn that mistakes are meant to be forgiven.

Forgiveness is more than saying “Sorry” to ourselves. It is the state when we have freed ourselves from guilt, anger, and other negative emotions that the mistake brought about. There are several ways to begin the forgiving process, but it aways starts with acknowledging that we are not perfect, that mistakes happen, and that we are entitled to forgiveness.

Take Action Now

"Now" by Lettuce. is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
“Now” by Lettuce. is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Procrastination or sitting out until the right combination of circumstances to happen is a futile effort that many idealists do instead of moving forward towards their goals. The sooner we realize that there is no such thing as the perfect time the better.

The best moment to go after dreams is always now. Waiting for the ideal situation to happen is an unrelenting pursuit to what will never happen. There is no better way to try to get what we want than just going for it in the present.

Dreams take positive effort for it to come true. Pushing oneself to take that initial step is a must, especially if it is worth the rewards. By removing the shackles of overthinking, fear, and procrastination, that first step gets easier to take, and our momentum from then on depends entirely on the impulse on how much we want to reach our goals.

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